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 Pater Dries van den Akker s.j., de auteur van de hagiografieŽn, overleed 30 oktober 2022
Welcome to foreign visitors!

By the way: "Heiligen" is the Dutch word for "Saints".
On this site indicates that English text is available.

Just above the grey field at the bottom of this page you can activate the translation by Google.

When you click the "hamburger menu" ( above) the complete menu is given, side by side, in Dutch and English.

In general the translation by Google is enough to get an idea of the content. Father Dries has the intention to summarize some hagiographies (hagiography = biography of a saint), which will be translated by his brother in law Johan Schmal.
The second orange line offers a link to the table with the English summaries available.

The summaries started with Isidore of Seville, the patron of the internet.

In the menu item "Patron Saints" only the explanation page is translated; on its other pages the translation is switched off as the alphabetic order of the dictionary items would be lost completely.

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